Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tiara lestari still hot

tiara lestari at lazygirls website, check it out by clicking this photo

how I miss Tiara Lestari, she is still the hottest of indonesian women on the internet, this Javanese hot girl from Solo Central Java, still get her share on the gooogle search engine, believe me, folks , her sensual flame does not die out.

Fortunately for us, Adam Yurman, the american photographer, scout talent, spotted her in Singapore modelling agency and gave her a pictorial assignment that would became the most unforgettable pictorial collection of an Indonesian girl in nude and on the cover of Playboy and Penthouse magazine.
To avoid further controversy, Tiara Lestari withdraw from her modelling carreer to her private life away from spotlight.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Indonesian beauty, celebs

tiara lestari nude pose

sweet Jihan Fahira

Meriam Bellina

sexy ayu azhari

Bella Saphira

Sophia Latjuba bikini

Bella Saphira

Tiara Lestari Playboy cover

Sophia Latjuba in nude

hot and sexy Agnes Monica

sexy Diah Purnama Sari

this list only a few of hot Indonesian babes, hot models and celebrities. Hopefully our list will grow in our postings as time goes by.

Indahnya alam ini

Bukit..., gunung.... dan padang rumput telah kujelajahi.

Ngarai.... yg dalam telah kuturuni, tuk mencari makna hidup ini.

Diujung jalan ini kuberhenti sejenak tuk menikmati indahnya alam ini,

miles to go before I sleep.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

nadya hutagalung, asia MTV VJ

Nadya Hutagalung has been consistently voted one of Asia’s sexiest and most beautiful women. She was also one of MTV Asia’s legendary original VJ’s, being offered the top position almost immediately and winning her the 1997 Best Light Entertainment Presenter Award at the Asian Television Awards for entertaining 70 million households across Asia.
She also stormed the world of fashion and modeling at the tender age of 12, starting in Tokyo and working her way around Southeast Asia and Australia, wowing top international press publications with her distinctive looks and infectious vibrant personality.

But so much more than her amazing start in the entertainment world, Nadya has sustained all her hard work and has risen to become one of the most sought after, multi-faceted, accomplished women in Asia. She was voted one of Asia’s Leading Trendmakers by Asiaweek magazine, alongside the Dalai Lama, Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fatt, for her special ability to inspire and fascinate. In this same year, she was also voted Showtime Personality of the Year by Singapore’s The New Paper, and Singapore’s Most Gorgeous Woman by Female magazine readers. Nadya was also named as one of the top ten “Shining Stars” on Indonesian Television by the Indonesian publication, Bintang.

Her keen eye for creative and impeccable style in both life and fashion has propelled her to a league of her own and was the incentive for her to launch her own jewelry line and fine art work. The jewelry line is called O-Sel meaning ‘Clear Light’ in Tibetan. The name says it all and with Nadya’s unique eye she has managed to create timeless pieces that simply take your breath away. They are pieces to treasure. Her keen eye for colour and style led her on to painting, in part encouraged by her artist mother. A recent exhibition of her artwork helped raise much needed money for the Tsunami Relief Fund, which enabled her to match another passion, that of helping others.

Her passion for life has given her the drive to offer help where and when it is needed; therefore her charity work has taken a front seat too. She divides whatever free time she has between championing the preservation of endangered species, painting for charitable art exhibitions for causes such as the Tsunami Relief Fund and volunteering both physical and fundraising aid (for the Bali bombings and the Jogyakarta quake victims).

Nadya Hutagalung, most desirable asian woman, since her Asia MTV day, she was the most popular model for magazine cover in south east asian countries. Beauty and brain, she refused to pose for nudity though she has a lot of offers.

Nadya Hutagalung secara konsisten disebut sebagai wanita Asia yg paling cantik dan sexy. Dia juga salah satu VJ MTV Asia's legendaris yg asli, yang ditawarkan pada posisi teratas dan dia menang tahun 1997 Best Light Presenter Award di Asian Television Awards untuk menghibur 70 juta rumah tangga di seluruh Asia.
Dia juga mengguncang dunia mode dan modeling pada usia muda dari 12, dimulai di Tokyo dan bekerja di sekitar Asia Tenggara dan Australia, reputasi internasional dengan menekan publikasi kecantikan dan kepribadiannya yg menawan.

Tetapi lebih dari itu dia mulai di dunia hiburan dgn menakjubkan, Nadya berkelanjutan semua dia telah bekerja keras dan telah bangkit menjadi salah satu yang paling dicari, multi-faceted, yg pernah dicapai oleh perempuan di Asia.
Nadya Hutagalung was voted Leading Trendmakers di Asia oleh majalah Asiaweek, bersama dengan Dalai Lama, Michelle Yeoh dan Chow Yun Fatt, khusus untuk dia kemampuan untuk inspirasi dan menawan.
Dalam tahun yang sama, ia juga voted Showtime Personality of the Year oleh Singapore's The New Paper, dan Singapura Paling Gorgeous Woman oleh pembaca majalah Female.
Nadya juga dinamakan sebagai salah satu dari sepuluh "Bintang bersinar" di Televisi Indonesia oleh publikasi Indonesia, Bintang.

Bakatnya untuk kreatif dan gaya hidup dan mode telah mendorong dia ke liga dia sendiri dan merupakan insentif bagi dia untuk memulai sendiri perhiasan, jewelerry dan seni.
perhiasan yang disebut O-Sel arti 'Clear Light' /cahaya terang di Tibet.
Bakat Nadya yang unik telah menghasilkan perhiasan yg mengagumkan. bakat dia untuk warna dan gaya memimpin dia untuk melukis, sebagian didorong oleh ibu Nadya yg adalah seorang pelukis. Sebuah pameran karya seni i membantu meningkatkan banyak uang yang diperlukan untuk Tsunami Relief Fund, yang memungkinkan dia untuk melakukan hal yg dia sukaii, membantu orang lain.

semangatnya untuk hidup telah memiberikan dia dorongan menawarkan untuk membantu di mana dan bila diperlukan, maka dia bekerja untuk amal . Apa dia membagi waktunya antara dia dan kelestarian hidup spesies langka, menawarkan lukisannya untuk amal di pameran seni untuk membantu korban Tsunami Relief Fund dan suka relawan, baik fisik dan dana bantuan (untuk korban bomBali dan korban gempa Jogakarta).

Nadya Hutagalung, most desirable asian woman, since her Asia MTV day, she was the most popular model for magazine cover in south east asian countries. Beauty and brain, she refused to pose for nudity though she has a lot of offer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

rahma azhari

Rahma Azhari is Pakistani descent, the younger of Azhari sister, not so succesful as a model or actress as her sister Ayu Azhari {mrs mike tramp the famous lead singer of White Lion]. Judge for yourself is she hot or not ? many consider her a sexy girl not because her nude pose that's on the internet but because her sex appeal looks. I guess she is better looking than her sister Sara.

mulan jameela

mulan jameela previously known as mulan kwok is a sexy succesfull singer and models now she is using her real name wulansari. such attractive sexy woman and very fashionable, really eye catching. Sexy Indonesian woman hail from Garut a regency town in west java province. Her song wanita yang paling sexy [the sexiest woman] still on top of song request in popular FM radio.

mulan kwok appear at FHM magazine and numerous commercial advertising, a perfect spicemen of beautiful Indonesian sexy woman. 

maia and mulan mulan together with maia estianty, the former succesfull duo Ratu, the project has been abandoned due to various internal conflicts, such a sweet history down in memory lane of these 2 beautiful woman. 
maia and mulan

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Anggun C Sasmi

the best of Anggun photos ever published, so beautiful, elegance, the cream of javanese beauty

Anggun bikini shot

Anggun Cipta Sasmi is an Indonesian singer/songwriter with French citizenship. Having already had tremendous success in her homeland Indonesia since she was 12, she decided to pursue an international career and left Indonesia in 1994.
After a year in London, she settled in Paris, France and met producer Erick Benzi, who later helped her sign a record deal with Sony Music France and recorded her first French album, Au Nom de la Lune, in 1996.
In late 1997, Anggun made a history for being the first Asian artist to break into international music scene by releasing her first international album Snow on the Sahara in Europe, Asia, and America. This album produced her biggest hit to date, “Snow on the Sahara”. To date, Anggun has sold over 16 million copies of records and has become the most successful Asian artist outside Asia.

Anggun gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Kirana on November 8, 2007 in Paris, by her relationship with French writer, Cyril Montana.


Name: Anggun
Birth name: Anggun Cipta Sasmi
Date of birth: April 29, 1974
Place of birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Height: 163cm
Horoscope: Taurus
Professional: Singer, song-writer

gallery of asian beauty | sexy woman | swim suit | hot indonesian girl | models | celebs | bikini

dian nitami

dian nitami looks so gorgeous in fiery red swimsuit, a perfect day for a perfect shot

gallery of asian beauty | sexy woman | swim suit | hot indonesian girl | models | celebs | bikini

Aura Kasih

Aura being a sexy woman, pole dancing strip style came naturally to her as seen in this picture. well you don't have go to college to learn pole dancing. many dangdut singers  got more erotic moves on the stage than that.

beautiful and sexy Aura Kasih, Indonesian singer turns to modelling of course in the hope of more exposure to the public, beside she also has taken some spotlight for her advertising works. she doesn't have to bother to act, just show some perfect curve of her cleavage like in the picture bellow. 

succes, fame comes easy for a beautiful woman like her.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

profile of thai girls

Thai girls undoubtedly are the cutest, the gems of south east asia. What i mean is the really nice one, not the girls in bangkok message parlour or in those strip tease pole dancing club.
They are so lovely and beautiful, we just want to take one of them home and introduce to mommy. With a fair complexion and a smile that only a thai girl can deliver.
I dream of thai girls, one week in bangkok, and I will forget the rest of the world. But I won't forget those hot babes of Thailand.
But mind you it is not tera patrick kind of things, the hottest thai porn queen in the US. As I do not want to jeopardize the image of thai girls being home loving, cute and lovely, the sweetest in south east asia.